Adding things into Android Settings Submenu

Things you need!

  1. Download apktool
  2. Install Notepad++
  3. Open up the apktool folder and paste your framework-res.apk and Settings.apk
  4. Navigate to the folder with CMD
  5. Write apktool if framework-res.apk
  6. Decompile settings apktool d Settings.apk
  7. Go to /Settings/res/xml/ and open up the xml file in which you want to add your app/other
  8. Paste this anywhere in the xml file <Preference android:title=”@string/title” android:key=”key” android:summary=”@string/summary” style=”?android:preferenceInformationStyle” />
  9. Open up /Settings/res/values/string.xml
  10. Go to the bottom and add a new line, in my case Xposed DPI, <string name=”xposeddpi”>XPosed DPI</string>
  11. Go back to the other xml file and write “xposeddpi” to @string/title
  12. Add another xml line in values.xml like this <string name=”xposeddpi_summary”>Xposed DPI can change the DPI of individual apps.</string>
  13. Go back to the other xml adn change @string/summary to in my case xposeddpi_summary
  14. Next change “android:key=”key” to whatever you want, i changed it to xposeddpi
  15. Now you need to compile it, go back to cmd and write apktool b Settings
  16. When it is compile go to /Settings/dist and there is the Settings.apk
  17. Open up the zip file and go to /system/app/ and paste the Settings.apk there, next move it to your phone and flash it in recovery.




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  1. Ryuinferno says:

    This won’t add any functionality to the new entry, and it would be better if you briefly mentioned about which xml points to which.