Android Malware: Growing in Threat Level and Complexity

A recently discovered mobile virus, known as a trojan, has been wreaking havoc on a number of Android devices. This particular trojan is so complex that it borders on the level of threat of a full blown Windows infection. The thing that makes this virus so scary is the fact that no one knows exactly how many exploits this new infection is affecting the Android operating system. The virus can hijack names, number, credit card data, and many other types of sensitive information one may have stored on his phone. And there is no cure as of now. In most cases, the best protection is prevention.

So you’re asking “What can I do to protect myself?”

Well you can either ditch your smartphone altogether or install some sort of antivirus software on your phone (I personally recommend the latter). Below I have provided a few links to some of the best antivirus applications on the Google Play Store in hopes I can save at least a few people from some big headaches.

AVG Antivirus Security




 Paid – 14.99



Lookout Security and Antivirus







Norton Security Antivirus







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  1. David says:

    I found this virus and killed it with some Lysol once.