At&T branded Galaxy S4 Active Leaked

AT&T Galaxy S4 Active

Ahhhh, the good old Samsung way, release as many variants as you can..

We all know that the words “beautiful” and “tough” don’t belong to the same sentence, and this new Galaxy variant pretty much proves it. Internally named as SGH-I537, the Galaxy S4 Active boasts a 1.9GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor with a 5″ 1080p screen, making it a true relative of the LTE Galaxy S4. Android Police’s Jeremiah Rice says that “The S4 Active successfully combines the tough-as-nails looks and physical control buttons of Samsung’s Rugby Smart phones with the smooth lines and small bezels of the existing S4.”

He also says that the Active being thicker than the S4 “a tradeoff for what will likely be at least some kind of military spec for water, dust, and shock resistance.” which I kinda approve of (well, my country doesn’t have AT&T anyway).

He also has some advice for those who are excited: “Consider all of this rumor until Samsung verifies it, possibly at the June 20th event in London – note the June 21st date in the press shots.”

Source: Android Police via The Unlockr


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  1. Jason M says:

    This is how the S4 should have looked!The active looks premium!