Custom Firmware on Android

What is Custom Firmware on Android?

A Custom Firmware is a software or operating system upgrade with modified code from the original source code by unofficial developers. A Custom Firmware on Android enables you to run any 3rd party apps, tweak system settings and do more than what you can do with a stock Android firmware.

Android releases it’s official firmware in the name of Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Manufacturers adapt AOSP and change it’s design, user interface and features to create their official version of Android. There are many Custom Firmware for Android. Below, i list some of the best custom firmwares.



CyanogenMod is an aftermarket firmware that can be installed in many Android devices. It is based on the official Android Open Source Project. It is a heavily modified firmware to increase performance and user experience.

 CyanogenMod is designed to increase performance and reliability over Android-based ROMs released by vendors and carriers such as Google, T-Mobile, HTC, etc. CyanogenMod also offers a variety of features & enhancements that are not currently found in these versions of Android.

CyanogenMod Features:

  • Custom Theme Support
  • DSP Equalizer
  • Customizable Status Bar
  • Open Source
  • Change CPU Speed
  • Custom Profiles
  • Private Browsing
  • OpenVPN Support
  • Stock AOSP Web Browser

Official Devices Supported by CyanogenMod

Android Open Kang Project (AOKP)


It is also based on the AOSP (Android Open Source Project). AOKP comes bundled with many additional features to tweak your device to your liking.

Advantages of AOKP

  • Lightweight
  • Custom Multiple Toggles
  • Change almost any aspect of your device
  • Stock AOSP Web Browser
  • Navigation Ring
  • Vibration Patterns

Official Devices Supported by AOKP Rom

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android Logo


Paranoid Android is often described as an Innovative Android Firmware, it is also based on AOSP. With Paranoid Android you can switch to Multiple modes (Phone, Tablet and Phablet). It’s PIE Navigation and HALO style notification system was their best innovations.

Features of Paranoid Android

  • Per-App system colors
  • Multiple Modes – Phone, Tablet and Phablet
  • PIE Navigation System
  • HALO style notification system

Paranoid Android

 Official Website for Paranoid Android


MIUI might not be famous as other custom firmware on android but it has the most Visually Pleasing User Interface for Android. MIUI is a modified version of AOSP built by the Chinese. It has many additional features. MIUI is actually built in Chinese but it is ported, translated to other languages by independent developers.

 Features of MIUI:

  • Better Call and SMS interface
  • Network Assistant and Privacy Protection with Kingsoft, LBE and Wall-E
  • Theme Support and Custom Lockscreens
  • Lockscreen Flashlight
  • Always on Alarm Clock even when phone is switched off
  • Cleap up Cache in One Click
  • Over 200 features..


Download MIUI


Slim Bean

Built on AOSP, as the name suggests it is a slim version of Android ROM. The user interface can be highly customized like other custom firmware on android. Slim Bean itself is fluid and fast as it much smaller than other custom roms.  It also allows to update via OTP.

Features of Slim Bean:

  •  Inverted Colors of Whole Rom in One Click
  • Lockscreen Shortcuts and Notification Drawer
  • SlimPIE
  • Customized Quick Tile Settings

Official Website for Slim Bean

So, which is the best Custom Firmware on Android?

I cannot recommend a single Custom ROM as every ROM has their advantages and disadvantages. You have to try it to experience it and then you will find what suits you and your device. Based on the official sources of the above ROMs, many independent developers build custom roms. Visit XDA Forums to find a customized firmware for your device as it is one of the best source for any customized firmware.


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