Fixing Odin “fail” error and “nand erase all” for Samsung devices.

Fixing Odin fail error and nand erase all for Samsung devices

While Samsung is the most successful android OEM , people usually have problem with how to update their devices. Sure you can use Kies but what if you wanted to get beta updates or install custom roms then in the end notice it wasn’t your thing. What if the stock firmware that came with your device worked for you pretty well? These days getting stock firmwares isn’t difficult. Anyone can hop over to Sammobile and grab one. It’s easy especially if you know the region of you got your device from. If you do, you may want to get Odin which is a tool to install the firmware on your device. If you do try and get the errors or do the mistakes in the title above then read our guide below!


-Download this recovery file.

Download the stock firmware for your device.This is done by heading to and sign up. There you can search for your device in a search box and if you purchased your device from the UK you may have to download the UK firmware and if China then the Chinese firmware.


-Put your device in download mode by holding the volume up button+the power button when the device is turned off.

-Connect your device to your PC and open Odin.

-Choose PDA then navigate to the recovery file you just downloaded select it and hit start on Odin.

-When it installs your device will restart and then you have to put it in recovery mode(holding volume down+power button when the device is off).

-In recovery mode do a factory reset and erase all the data and cache.

-When this is done reboot into download mode ,open PDA ,navigate to your firmware file and choose it. Hit start and wait for it to be done.

If your fortunate that your device isn’t completely bricked you should boot normally.

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  1. naga says:

    Bro I am changing flash for oddin suddenly click the NAND ERASE ALL what can I do,,,plssss help meeee,,,this is my what’s app number 9790023689

  2. Dax j says:

    He might be fooling us!!!

  3. PAUL ROSE says:

    Driving me nuts.

  4. mart says:

    I can’t download the recovery file. Can you give me a new link or mail me the file please.

  5. BAYAZED says:

    I can not download the recovery file from dropbox can u give me another address or mail me the file please.

  6. Emilian says:

    Hi Jason!

    A friend of mine (who has no knowledge of ROMs and flashing) seems to have the same problem.
    I have searched a lot for a solution to fix this problem but to no avail.

    Could you please re-upload the recovery file?
    Everything else failed and your guide might be that phone’s only hope.

    Thank you so much!

  7. Curso says:

    Could you please re-upload the recovery file?