Get Windows 8 Phone Style Start Screen UI on your Android Device

Ever thought of getting the Windows Phone Start Screen on your Android Device?

There are many Launchers available on Google Play Store which say that they provide exact Windows Start Screen on Android Mobile phones and Tablets. But they are not that effective to provide the user with a launcher which looks and works like Original Windows Phone.

The best launcher among them is Launcher 8 (by – QiHang Dev Team) and it offers you the best experience of Windows Phone on your own Android Device. Launcher 8 is compatible with almost all Android Phones, but Android Tablet users cannot download it from Google Play because Launcher 8 needs SIM Card Access. But Tablet users need not worry because we have added the Launcher 8 Apk Download Link below.

Here is the full comparison between Windows Start Screen on Windows Phone and on Android (via Launcher 8).

               Windows Phone                                           Android

wp_ss_20130607_0005     Screenshot_2013-06-07-13-50-56

wp_ss_20130607_0003    Screenshot_2013-06-07-12-57-30

wp_ss_20130607_0004    Screenshot_2013-06-07-13-51-19

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  1. Jason M says:

    Show off android’s potential of being anything!

  2. Vijay says:

    It’s really cool!