Getting your Samsung device back for warranty after hacking

Samsung ROM Reset Counter

Samsung makes the most feature-packed devices on the planet but they may not be for everyone. For some who have a hard time with Samsung’s devices and have gone up with a few hacks especially using Odin may not know the unpleasant surprise¬†underneath the hood. There is a binary counter in every Samsung device which counts the number of times you flash unofficial packages with Odin. These packages may be valid i.e. will work with your device but aren’t officially made by Samsung. They include everything else which are not included in a Samsung firmware or recovery files usually packaged as tar or md5. So taking your device back for warranty all Samsung needs to initially check is your binary counter. If it is greater than zero they will know you have flashed unofficial packages and will most likely not grant your warranty request. But we have a tip to counter this and reset your binary to zero.

Follow these:

-You should be rooted(this requires adding your binary counter but it doesn’t matter as we’ll reset it).

-Download this app from the Playstore.

-Run the app and the first thing it will ask for are superuser permissions so grant them.

-All you need to do will be to select reset flash counter and let it do its thing.

-It will reboot your device in a special mode and ask you to press the volume button which when you do should reset your counter.

-You can get stock recovery by googling your device name then adding ‘stock recovery’ to it.

-When downloaded you can flash this with Odin(It will not add your binary counter if it is a stock recovery).

-You can then reboot open superuser and choose full unroot to unroot your device and you’re done.

Now go give back that device and get some warranty.