Google Keyboard – Get Google Stock Android Keyboard

You might wonder why some Android Keyboards are different from Google Official Android Keyboard (in Nexus Devices). This is because some companies pre-install their own Keyboard like SwiftKey Keyboard or Swype Keyboard.


unnamed Google wanted to share Nexus experience with all Non – Nexus Devices to make the Android Experience much Better. Hence, they introduced the Google Keyboard. Google Keyboard is a Virtual Keyboard which offers all the features of Google Stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Like all Nexus Devices, Google Keyboard includes “Gesture Typing” and “Voice to Type” to make typing more easier. Google Keyboard includes Dictionaries of 26 Languages.

 “More languages will be added soon” said Google.

unnamed (1) As most of us know that these feature are not unique. There are many Keyboards Application available on Google Play Store like SwiftKey but the main problem with that is that they are Paid while Google Keyboard is Free and works with both Phones and Tablets.

Users Say –

  • Best keyboard app period!

Google has done it yet again with this phenomenal keyboard. It’s free and releasing it as an app on the Play Store was an excellent move. Thanks Google!

  • Clean

Better then the Samsung keyboard and looks better hen the swift key keyboard. I find my typing is allot more accurate now and the keyboard looks clean and fresh just like my Google nexus 7. Great job.

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