Hill Climb Racing Review – An Excellent Game | Introduction and Tips

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So I was looking for a game to put on my phone so I had something to do, and I found a gem: Hill Climb Racing.

This game is a balance based 2D driving arcade game. You are a Mario shaped character riding various cars to cross the hills and… beat your highscore and make money. Highscore speaks for itself but the money is used to buy and upgrade cars and to buy new areas with all-new types of hills to drive over.

The game mechanics are simple: drive over the hills, using the accelerator and the brake to keep the car at balance and there is also a fuel tank to pay heed to. To fill the tank up, you will have to pick up the red tanks that you can find along the way. You gain extra gold when you jump (the longer the jump the more gold) and do flips.

The good thing about this game is that it is very easy to play and fun too, it does not take all of your attention either, so you can be playing this game while you chat with friends in your room and enjoy the chat more than you normally would.

The game consists of 10 cars which can be upgraded, 9 of which you have to unlock with the gold you find in 11 levels, 10 of which you have to also find the gold for.

Game’s strong points:

  • Fun game
  • Easy to learn
  • You can unlock everything without the need to pay real money (like you do for certain other games)
  • It is not a heavy app so it runs on most devices

Game’s weak points:

  • When you unlock everything, the game becomes rather pointless
  • Could have used a few extra featres
  • It could have used more updates
  • I have found one or two bugs in the game-play, and they are rather annoying; yet they are very rare


  • Upgrade the jeep to level 4 on everything
  • Buy the motorbike
  • Upgrade it as much as you like (5+ on each trait)
  • Buy the moon
  • Make lots of money
  • Get highway
  • Buy rally car
  • Fully upgrade it
  • Make 1,000,000+ gold on the highway with it.

Game Screenshots:

Hill Climb Racing5    Hill Climb Racing2Hill Climb Racing3Hill Climb Racing4










Video Preview:

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  1. vicky says:

    not soo hot game while compared to other android games, need reviews about the crood game…