How to Access or Transfer Files from your Personal Windows Computer to an Android Phone via Wi-Fi

While there are many ways to access your computer from your Android Phone, an easy way is to access it via SAMBA through Wi-Fi. You can view, copy and edit files residing on your computer directly from your mobile phone using ES File Explorer.

Steps to follow in your Windows Machine:

  1. Share any Folder or even the whole Drive, right-click  the folder or drive and switch to Sharing Tab

    Windows Share Folder

  2. Click the “Advanced Sharing” button
  3. Check “Share this folder”
  4. Add a Share name or leave it as default

    Windows Advanced Sharing

  5. (Optional) If you wish to provide access to every user, you need not change any permission. But if you need to give access only to a certain user, click the “Permissions” button where you can configure Read/Write access to various users.
  6. Get your local IP Address assigned to your computer. Open Run -> Type “cmd” (Command Prompt) and Hit the Enter Key -> Type “ipconfig” and Hit the Enter Key -> Note down the IPv4 Address from your Ethernet or Wi-Fi Adapter

    Windows ipconfig

You have successfully completed the sharing process on your personal computer. Now, go ahead and connect from your Android Phone by following the below steps.

  1. Download and Install ES File Explorer from the Play Store
  2. Open ES File Explorer, it shows the Homepage as default
  3. Swipe to the Network page or go to Settings -> Network -> LAN

    ES File Explorer - Network - LAN

  4. Touch the “New” button residing in the bottom bar. Choose LAN if you are shown with multiple options
  5. Enter the IP Address of your Local Computer in Server, Username and Password
  6. (Optional) Provide a name of this Connection using the “Display as” field

    ES File Explorer - Add LAN Network

  7. Press the “OK” button to Create and Save it
  8. Open the Saved Connection to view the shared Files/Folders/Drives

    ES File Explorer - Connect to LAN Network

Now, you can access all the Drive, Folders and Files you have shared from your Windows Machine. If you are unable to copy anything from your Android Phone to your computer, Make sure you have checked “Change” or “Full Control” in the Permissions section during the Sharing process.


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