How to Backup Unlimited Photos in Google Cloud for Free

Stop worrying about trying to keep a safe backup of your precious photos taken from your camera. You can backup unlimited photos in Google cloud for free. Though this is the most talked feature on Pixel phones, this can be used in any android smartphones.

Advantages of uploading in Google Cloud

  • Unlimited photos can be backed up in High Quality
  • Automatically sync new clicked photos
  • Ability to choose specific folders for backup
  • Access the Uploaded photos anywhere
  • Stop worrying about storage
  • Upload photos album wise
  • Search for your photos even when you don’t name or tag them
  • Create Collages, Videos and Animations
  • Reliability and Security of Google Cloud

Disadvantages of uploading in Google Cloud

  • Full Resolution photos can be uploaded but limited to 15 GB (Google Drive Storage)
  • High Quality photos are compressed rather than full quality
  • You can pay for more storage if you choose to retain quality

If you do not have any idea to print any photos, you can safely go with High Quality uploads to enjoy Unlimited Storage. You can upload Unlimited Photos to Google Photos and access them in the ways listed below.



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