How to Extract APK Files From your Android Phone

Are you planning to factory reset your Android Smartphone but thinking on how to extract APK files from your Android Phone? You might also be interested to backup APK’s or installed Apps if you are moving to a new device and you want to avoid downloading them again from Play Store. You can easily get an APK of any installed app from your phone by using ES File Manager. Follow the below steps to backup your APK files.

How to Extract APK Files From your Android Phone

  • Install ES File Explorer File Manager
  • Open ES File Explorer and go to “APP” section from the Home Screen
    ES File Explorer
  • Here, you can find a list of all Installed Apps in your phone
    Extract APK Android Phone
  • Select the APK’s you wish to backup or select all to backup all APK’s
    Backup APK Android Phone
  • Go ahead and backup the selected APK using the Backup button in the bottom toolbar
  • It will display a confirmation message confirming the selected APK’s have been successfully backed up
    Backup APK Successfully
  • Now, you can find all the Extracted APK”s in this location: SDCARD / backups / appsAPK Backup Location

You can move these APK’s to another device like your computer, pen drive before going ahead with the factory reset or moving to your new device.


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