How to Increase Camera quality in Android Smartphones

When we buy a new Android Device, the first thing most do is to check the camera quality to find whether they can take better quality photos than their previous Android Smartphone. But most of them forget the basic setting in the Camera App which needs to be changed to achieve the highest quality picture that the device camera could produce. This tip on Increase Camera Quality of Rooted or Unrooted Android Smartphones applies during the following scenarios.

  • Purchased a New Android Smartphone
  • Made a Factory Reset on your Existing Android Smartphone

Android Smartphone manufacturers usually set the Image Quality to Medium in Factory Settings. You are always advised to change it to High before starting to click pictures. Though this Tip is not new, but I believe most forgot this and worry about the quality of their device camera.

Steps to set Image Quality to High / Increase Camera quality in Android Smartphone

  • Open your Camera App
  • Go to Camera Settings
  • Camera Settings can also be changed from the Settings App in some phones

Android Camera Image Quality Settings

  • Change Rear/Front Camera Quality and set it to “High” or to the Maximum Megapixels of your Camera for both Photo and Video.

The visual view of the Camera Settings will change depending on your device, as every manufacturer designs their camera interface to match their UI. But the basic settings will be the same in all devices.


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