How to Protect Google Play Store with a Password

Why do you need to Protect Google Play Store with a Password?

The main reason is to avoid any accidental app or in-app purchases by other people who use your phone. Your kid or your friend may accidentally hit the purchase button in the play store to buy additional stuff in the game and they probably won’t know that they are actually using your real money to purchase those.

When you apply a Password to the Play Store, a purchase can be made only after a Password is entered. Hence, you are the only person who will be able to purchase an App or any in-app features.

So how to Protect your Google Play Store?

  • Go to Playstore –> Settings

Google Play Store Settings


  • Scroll down to the End of the Menu where you can see an option named “Password”, check the checkbox, a pop-up opens to confirm your password. Enter your Google Account’s password.


How to Protect Google Play Store with a Password

  • ¬†Voila! Your Play Store is now protected from accidental purchases


Google Play Store protected with a Password

Unfortunately you cannot set a new password, you can only protect it with your Google Account’s credential. Also, this protection cannot be disabled unless the set password is entered again, so that it cannot be disabled by others.


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