How to resolve Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues?

Though connecting to a Wi-Fi is super easy, some might encounter issues. When you receive an error “Authentication Problem”, most probably you would have typed the wrong password and changing to the correct password will resolve this “Authentication Problem” issue. But if you are having issues connecting to a Wi-Fi with status showing as “Obtaining IP Address” or  “Connecting”, it usually means that the Router you are trying to connect has DHCP disabled or DHCP issues (automatic assigning of IP Address). The only way to resolve this issue is by assigning an IP address manually.

How to manually assign an IP to any Android Phone?

  • Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Press and Hold the Network Name with which you are having issues -> Modify Network
  • Check “Show Advanced Options” and Choose Static
  • Now, input the IP Address and other required information manually. You can get this information from the Network Administrator or anyone who manages the Router
  • As you can see, you are now successfully connected with the Wi-Fi network.





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