How to Set your Mobile Networks Manually

Mobile Networks are automatically fixed by your Android Smartphone, if for some reason you are looking to set your Mobile Network manually follow this guide.

  • Open Settings
  • Choose More
  • Open Mobile Networks
    The above Option Names might change depending on your smartphone brand. But the Mobile Networks settings can be found inside Settings in different categories (Cellular Networks..). Also if your mobile has multiple SIM slots, choose the SIM you want to configure
    Android Mobile Networks
  • Go to Advanced Options
    Here, you can change the Preferred Network Type, Operators and Access Point Names
    Android Mobile Networks
  • Go to Operators
  • Change it from Auto Select or Auto to Manual by turning it off
    Android Mobile Networks
  • You will see a warning prompt, go ahead and proceed with “OK”
  • It will start searching, Please wait till the search gets completed.
  • You will be presented with all the available Mobile Networks of Different Operators around your place
    Android Mobile Networks
  • Manually select your operator to continue using mobile services, Please keep in mind that by choosing a unsupported operator you will receive No service / No signal

As said earlier, you will never find a reason to manually set the mobile operator but if need arises you can go ahead and set it manually for whatever reasons.


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