How to stream any content from your PC to your Android device

It is a known fact that Android is open-source and that it is so flexible. Flexible in such a way that it can almost do anything provided someone builds a service for that. Today I’m going to tell you how to stream stuff from your PC wirelessly to your Android device using the easiest method available. One day I finished writing and watching a movie at the same time and I was like “why can’t I continue watching this movie on my tablet because I’m tired and I want to rest on the bed”. Well I dug around and found a gem. I could use my device and stream this content to my tablet for watching elsewhere(my bed) without copying anything to my device thus saving space on my device, time and USB cable searching. How I did is explained below.


EScupcake explorer (Cupcake -Android 1.5 and Donut – Android 1.6 only) or ES File Explorer File Manager (Android 2.0+)
MX player.

What you need:

-A working wifi network, an Android device, PC and patience..


-Go to the folder on windows you would like to share or stream files from.

-Right click it, go down to “share” with and click ” advanced sharing “.


-Click ” advanced sharing ” again.


-Now check the check box ” share this folder “, take note of the share name and click permissions.



-Check the permissions depending on who has access to the files, change to “full control” if it is you or “read” if it is someone else, then hit OK.



Now see if this icon appears on your shared folder and create a password for your Windows user login as it would come in handy.




-Head on to your Android device and open escupcake(make sure wifi is on on your device).


-Hit  the top right icon and choose LAN

2013-06-07-19-09-27 2013-06-07-19-09-46

-Here you should see a computer icon with a number label (if you don’t hit scan or search depending on your es explorer)which you have to tap on that and put in your Windows login credentials.

2013-06-07-19-10-41 2013-06-07-19-10-29

-Now you can browse the folder from your computer on your Android device and view whatever you shared from anywhere in your home via wifi network.



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