How to Transfer Files via Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct

Are you worried about the slow transfer speeds when you are transferring files to other Android devices. Bluetooth is the only possible transfer medium for the phones without Wi-Fi direct. But with the help of some apps you can use your Wi-Fi to transfer the files to other devices. While there are multiple apps to do this, I will show you the easiest way to do it.

SuperBeam is one of the best app to transfer files via Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi direct. It is easy and fast.



  • SuperBeam is a free app
  • You can pair the devices with the help of QR codes with the built-in QR Scanner
  • NFC is compatible
  • Wi-Fi direct is supported
  • Files can be transferred via existing Wi-Fi network or using Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Multiple files can be transferred at once
  • Share using your favorite file manager

How to use Superbeam?

  • Open you favorite file browser and select the files that you need to transfer
  • Click the Share button
  • It shows you with many options such as Bluetooth, Gmail etc. Select SuperBeam
  • SuperBeam app will open and ask you whether the receiving device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, else it will directly configure Wi-Fi Hotspot or Wi-Fi Direct
  • Now, a QR code will be generated on your device
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on the other device — > Open SuperBeam –> Scan the QR Code
  • Voila! Your transfer should get started. You can actually see the transfer speed, if you have Wi-Fi Direct it will transfer in blazing speed.

Check out the below official video to know how to use Superbeam.


Play Store Link: SuperBeam


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