How to Uninstall an App with Device Administrator Permission

When you are trying to uninstall an App but you are unable to do so as the Uninstall button is greyed out.

Lock Screen App Uninstall

The Apps we install requires various permissions but some apps need to be installed with Device Administrator permission. An example app would be the Lock Screen from Play Store. When you install this app and try to activate, it will ask for your permission to activate as a Device Administrator.

Activate Device Administrator

To uninstall an App with Device Administrator Permission, go to Settings –> Security –> Device administrators

Device Administrator

Here, you can see the various apps checked for Device Adminstrator access, just uncheck the app that you would like to uninstall and Deactivate it in the next screen.

Deactivate Device Administrator.jpg


Now you can go ahead and uninstall the app normally.

Lock Screen Uninstall


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  1. Muhammad Aslam says:

    nice tip,

  2. What in do if the app would not deactivate

  3. samratsingh says:

    I am also facing the same problem when i go to device administration to off the apps activation it will lock my phone

  4. Vibiva says:

    I have a problem.
    When I try to deactivate an app my phone just locks, I try again and it locks again.
    Any help??

  5. Khalid Kamal says:

    This solution is good, mine problem is also solved to uninstall an application that is running in the background and eating the battery power of my smartphone.


  6. izenith says:


    I’ve been trying to do it for years!

  7. Sayan says:

    I try to uninstall antivirus pro in same method but when I switch deactivate the screen locked automatically.please help me

    • raja says:

      This also for my problem i try to uninstall antivirus pro for same methid but when i touch deactivate the screen locked automatically.please help me

  8. Yash says:

    but when i am trying to uncheck it from device administrator screen my phone wents to sleep mode automatically.
    It’s name is “Home_Video”

  9. Romas says:

    Thank you very much, I have made use of your advice

  10. noone says:

    On deactivating the screen gets locked and it still have device administration on . my phone is canvas nitro

  11. Vandana says:

    Sir BT in my phone when I go to setting and then device adminstrator and choose app when I want to uninstall then I click over to deactivate BT screen suddenly off so what I do

  12. vaibhav Wanere says:

    on mu redmi 2prime phone i installed antiviris master app. when i when i click the deactivate button in the device administrator it locks the phone screen immediately. and does not get deactivated. please help me

  13. Anik says:

    Hey i am into my device: Settings>accessibility>device administrators and i mark this software and unmarked this software my device off and auto on and i am again mark this software and then my device will off and not on my device hmmm….when on my device only showed device on&off time name Samsung and after few minitues my device tempearture is up and device is very hot and my device battery is low and then turn off this device….how can i do this situation……….?

  14. Gemin says:

    But i cant disable IN_1 from my phone

  15. Tes says:

    Hi I tried to install but it says first deactivated

  16. Zukisa says:

    Thanks a lot been trying to do this for 2 days now. Really helped.

  17. binod pradhan says:

    please help me..Iam unable to deactivate an app from device administrator of my Micromax canvas A111. Apus launcher and some unwanted apps has been installed in my phone.

  18. Suhas kumar says:

    This Worked For Me
    It Requires Root
    Es explorer
    Local/data/app here delete the app
    Local/data/data Delete the app data folder u just deleted

  19. kiran says:

    But it was not deactivating

  20. saad says:

    First of all I thought that my cell is automatically routed. I tried my best to un install the app but I fails.I thank you so much bro to help us.thankx

  21. ivan says:

    thank you

  22. Jawad says:

    I have tried every option but still I could not uninstall Wi-fi tools from my Micromax canvas 4 plus

  23. Bikash says:

    When i touch on deactivate my phone was automaticaly hang

  24. Ishu says:

    I tried every thing bt still unable to uninstall appzlock from my galaxy E5. Its uninstall option is greyed. Appzlpck is not showing in device admininstrator. In accesibiltiy option too….i m unable to turn it off. plz help

  25. Fahim says:

    I was also facing same issue then I tried to turn off service of Appzlock in Settings–>Accessibility. When we try to click on this service it was going off before turning off I keep on tried then finally turned off and uninstalled the app.
    This worked for me you guys can try and see.

  26. kishan says:

    I am follow the instrction . but after deactivate the device administor No any uninstall insttruction is show

  27. anil says:

    hi guyz dont worry to remove device administration protected app you need to do as follows
    1- first f all go to your app manager
    2- go to running apps
    3- see wheather your crap apps is running
    4- stop that untill its close
    5-move quickly ti security and device administration
    6- now uncheck ur crab apps
    7-thats it now u can uninstall that.

  28. Laura says:

    Hi everyone! Thanks for this guide! I had this app on my phone I couldn’t remove due to administration permissions. I managed to remove it right now, after experiencing the same problem that other users had with the button to delete their permission since is not working . This is my solution, hope you find it useful : I went in Settings – > App and then tapped on the app I wanted to remove. Then I had a list and one of the voices is Authorizations and tapping on it there was “phone” with a lever I could enable. I enabled the phone authorization and then it was possible for me to remove the app, dragging it from the ‘desktop’ or the menu on the “uninstall” icon that appears automatically. I did this with an Android 6.0 Nexus 5,but I guess it’s pretty the same with all mobile phones . The exact settings words may not be the same because my phone is set in Italian, but I’m confident you understood what you need to do 🙂

  29. nikhil says:

    Long press power
    button, you will get “Power off” option,
    long press the power off option, a promt
    will come for Restarting the phone in safe
    mode. Press OK! Now when you are in safe
    mode, go to settings >Security>Device
    Administrators>uncheck the app you want
    to remove! After that go to settings and
    uninstall and then restart your phone to go
    back in normal mod. Enjoy

    • Nigel Preddie says:

      Hey thanks worked, only difference is when i returned to normal mode i decided to check if the app was still there and it was..but i was able to uninstall it then..!

  30. raja says:

    To uninstall the appzlock.there is no uninstall option to remove..plz say how to remove.its very irritate app.plz tell

  31. raja says:

    There is no uninstall option to remove appzlock.plz tell me..its very irritate app.

  32. Rajat says:

    no need to root . just backup data and factory reset you phone.

  33. Ashif says:

    1. Go to App manager – Running process
    2. Stop that process and quickly move to security – device administrators and uncheck – deactivate the app that is causing trouble.(might force close on u).
    3. Now on the app details u can Uninstall that mischievious app.
    If it still doesnt work, contact me
    Try to activate Developers Options and restrict background processes to 0.

  34. kavita yadav says:

    I hv done the same process but after deactivating , the uninstall option remain greyed . wht shuld i do ?

  35. kavita yadav says:

    I hv done the same process but after deactivating , the uninstall option remain greyed . wht should i do plz help

  36. Ravi Shankar says:

    Boot in safe mode and deactivate the app in device administration….then uninstall it….now restart ur Phone….. It is Done.

  37. nimi says:

    When I try to unchecked the box for device administrator, the screen quickly disappears before I can deactivate.plz help me

  38. nisha says:

    my device administrator apps are unchecked bt still I cannot uninstall them.please help me out

  39. Niki says:

    When I try to unchecked the box for device administrator, the screen quickly disappears before I can deactivate. Can I do anything besides factory reset?

    • adi says:

      First turn on the usb debugging then select the debugging app as applock. After that go for device administrator. Guys it will definitely work…

  40. Mezoo says:

    This is what do u want guys ,, I have tried it and the problem gone 100% !!


    I am not responsible if you damage your phone, just follow steps below and nothing will happen.

    Download a root file explorer like Root Browser from the play store. Or ES FILE Explorer
    Open the app.
    Go to /data/app/.
    Delete the apk of the app.
    Check if also a directory of the app exists in /data/data/. If so, delete that directory. (The directory is the package name.)
    Reboot your phone.
    The app now should now be uninstalled.

  41. Raghu says:


  42. Riya says:

    I did not find it at device administors. Its very bad to me. Plz help me

  43. ramanand says:

    I’ll do but greyed not please help me

  44. Pamela Luick says:

    Want to uninstall AppLock app. From my phone! Thanks!

  45. Nadia says:

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. When I press deactivate the screen turn black. The cheek mark doesn’t get off.

  46. Kishor says:

    I have installed an app by mistake and it has also taken device administrator permission. Now when I click on deactivate it from device administrator, the phone screen gets locked and the app is not deactivated from device administrator. Thus I am unable to uninstall the app. Please help.

  47. saks says:

    Wen i deactivate it..nthng happens except screen lock..i am using moto g2

  48. priyank dubey says:

    thanku so much I am become your great fan thanks a lot for this article

  49. Adnan says:

    Excellent Post. It was an instant resolution to my problem (Honor 3C). Thanks alot ppl 🙂

  50. Priyanka says:

    I followed ur process but it is not deactivating….plz help me it very urgent to uninstall one app which is active by device administrator

  51. rinku says:

    Here after all the above procedures tried still myself failed to uninstall the app. The app not gets inactive in the device administrator option. What to do plz help me !!??

  52. Parul says:

    I did all the steps as mentioned bt after click on the deactivate it remains as it is and after forcely close the settings now settings screen opens itself again and again and still didn’t get the solution.Plzz help me out….

  53. Ajay says:

    I tried this but still the force button and uninstall button not shows on application manager screen ppz help me

  54. Nawaz says:

    When I try to uninstall app it says can’t be done since its active device administrator package. And in administrator setting it doesn’t allow me to unchecked.

  55. anusha says:

    in my phone one app is not instlled.even am going to device administrator also
    .please give splution

  56. ruksar says:

    It was not deactivate from device administator what suppose to do.plz help me out

  57. Muhammad Abubakar says:

    Zero launcher installed in my Android(4.2) but there are no option to remove it. I uncheck it from Device Administration but still no highlight the button of UNINSTALL.
    help me

  58. Jon says:

    When I try to unchecked the box for device administrator, the screen quickly disappears before I can deactivate. It’s very annoying. Can I do anything besides factory reset?

  59. Shayan Shamsi says:

    But i have also locked my settings and i have forgotten the password what do i do??? Plz tell me its urgent

  60. ganesh says:

    i have installed applock and applock protection software. now im unable to delete it from device administration. i have tried these steps still force stop and uninstall are grey. im using micromax phone canvas 2.2

  61. Promod says:

    Thanks a lot boss.

  62. dina says:

    Thank you so much