How to Unpack System.img on Windows

Hello everyone,

Today i am going to tell you how to unpack System.img for developers to make your own Custom ROM.

What do you need?

– Diskinternals Linux Reader –> Diskinternals (Scroll down until you see Linux Reader take that one)
– sgs2ext4.jar –> Download
– system.img


Step 1)

Download Diskinternals Linux reader and open it up.

Step 2)

Download sgs2ext4.jar and open it up.

Step 3)

Take you system.img and move it into the sgs2ext4.jar application and wait until it is done.

Step 4)

Now you should get a system.img.ext4 file or something like that just make sure ext4/ext is in the name

Step 5)

Now in Diskinternals click on Drives –> mount image, now a window will pop-up, leave the box on RAW disk image and click next, now search for the system.img ext4 file and choose it.

Step 6)

Now you see a new drive which looks like this: Linux EXT Volume 1 (Number can be different) Open the drive and click on commands and then select all.

Step 7)

Now do Ctrl+S to save the files where you want them, i suggest you to make a folder on you desktop called system and save it there.

Good Luck !


Ryan van Wenum is a Developer on Xda developers and makes android ROM's MOD's THEME's and many more He also has a youtube channel where he makes video's about android and more.