How will the acquisition of Waze affect Google Maps?

Waze - Google Maps

We have all heard that Google has acquired Waze, but while we’re waiting for the amount to be disclosed, we should study its effects to the Google Maps website/App.

Google has stated that the two apps will be seperate for now, and that they will work with the community, describing them as the “DNA of the app”, to improve the map data more and more.

Here is my prediction on what could happen to the Waze apps,


Mid July 2013 – Waze releases WP app, updates all apps to use Google Maps Data

Late July 2013 – Waze Android app updated with Cards UI and a new icon

Early August 2013 – Google’s Navigation app  replaced with Waze

– GMail/Google+ sign in now required to contribute (If you already have a GMail account on your Android phone, you are automaically signed in. iOS and WP users will have to manually log in)

Late August 2013 – The voice-over language library will have more languages(due to Google having a huge database of languages mostly for Translate)

Mid September 2013 – Following the consumer release of iOS 7, Waze iOS app updated to have the new iOS UI


After many months of transitioning, it will soon be all business as usual.