HTC T6: How Big is too Big?

This age old question has been asked for centuries, but when speaking of smartphones, a clear answer is yet to be revealed. The rumored HTC T6 is said to have a 5.9 inch, 1080p display,  almost a full half inch larger than the seemingly huge Samsung Galaxy Note II.

This rumored release has led me to reminisce on the progression of the size of smartphones in recent history.

1. Motorola Droid X (2010) 4.3 inches


2. Samsung Google Nexus (2011) 4.65 inches


3. LG Optimus L9 (2012) 4.7 inches


4. Samsung Galaxy S III (2012) 4.8 inches


5. HTC DNA (2012) 5 inches


6. Samsung Galaxy Note (2011) 5.3 inches


7. Samsung Galaxy Note II (2012) 5.55 inches


As it is evident by the preceding list, Samsung has rolled out the most large-screen phones over the last few years. With HTC’s T6 it could become the top dog in the “Phablet” race. At least until Samsung cranks out the third installment of the Note series which is rumored to measure in at a whopping 6 inches. So the question remains, how big is too big? The answer may very well depend upon each individuals preference, but there has to be a limit. There has to be a point at which these phones will stop fitting in consumer’s pockets. At its current pace the Phablet market is fast approaching that limit.

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