iOS 7 Theme and Lockscreen for Android

Here is something for those people who liked Apple iOS 7 and have an Android Device running on Android 2.2.x or above. Now you can get get their Android devices look like Apple iOS 7 which was launched by Apple a week ago.


What is iOS?

iOS is an Operating System designed for Apple iPhone and is still a Competitor to Android and has lot more application than Android.


How to get your Android Device look like Apple iOS 7?

There are few application available on play store but some of them are really fake (its Really FAKE as it just has screenshots of iOS 7 and nothing else). But you don’t need to worry because we have found some application that can make your Android Device look like iOS 7.


iOS 7 Theme

It is packed with 23+ Original icons as used in the iOS 7 along with the 3 Full HD Wallpapers, you can actually feel like you are using an iPhone as it almost gives the same feeling in terms of UI /UX. The icons which are stylized for iOS7 includes Facebook, Facebook messenger, Chrome, Skype, Instagram,etc.

More icons will be Added Soon.


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Download iOS 7 Theme


iOS Lock Screen

It gives you the real feel of iOS 7 Lockscreen.



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Download iOS 7 Lock Screen