LG will Launch LG Pay Mobile Payment System in US by June

LG Electronics Inc has said that they will launch their LG Pay Mobile Payment System solution in the US coming June with their upcoming phone releases as reported by Yonhap News. LG’s mobile payment system will use Wireless Magnetic Communication technology and the older NFC technology. Though this Mobile Payment System is not new, being launched less than a year ago in South Korea.

What is LG Pay?

Payment can be made using LG Pay Mobile System by keeping your Smartphone near the Payment Terminal and verifying it with your fingerprint. Payment methods from their Rivals like Samsung have already reached the masses. Samsung Pay is currently available in 18 countries which includes United States, China and more. As of now, LG might launch it’s wallet in their premium segment and then later introduce them to their


LG Pay

News and Picture Source: Yonhap News


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