New Google’s Policy – AOSP for Top Smartphones

The clean Android is often the object of desire of many smartphones and tablets users. To make things happen, you can certainly purchase a device from Google Nexus family or just flash on your device a custom ROM which is AOSP-based. Anyway, the most popular manufacturers seem to have found the solution for this with cooperation with Google of course. But is that really the decent idea?



Google’s new policy will consist of building stock AOSP¬†ROMs (Android Open Source Project) for top smartphones and supporting them for really long time like the devices from Nexus family.

Samsung and HTC have already announced their “Google Editions” of Galaxy S4 and One (M7).

What do you think about such a move? Is it needed for users? Or maybe flashing custom ROMs already solves the problem? – Leave the comments below and tell us what you think.


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