Oppo Find 5 Chinese users now getting a taste of project firefly(UI revamp of Oppo’s old interface)

The Oppo Find 5 is one of the biggest surprises of 2013. Not only because its specs, UI fluidity and build quality rival those of the HTC One or Galaxy S4 but because it moved from a terrible prototype device to a stunning flagship. Its former UI and screen quality on the prototype were nothing to write home about with “It runs Android 4.1 with an extremely ugly skin” (quote from Theverge.com). However Oppo did listen and they still do. The screen on their flagship is one of the best 1080p screens I’ve ever seen and used on a device rivalling even popular flagships. One thing though, if you haven’t seen the Find 5 then you may want to think twice before mis-commenting or mis-judging it. It’s a fantastic phone and we’ll leave links to very popluar reviews of this device below.


Armando Ferrera



Oppo is known for its multimedia inventory of items notably blue ray and Mp3 players. With their Find 5 they hoped to transfer their savoir-faire from their inventory to a great flagship smart phone. The Find 5 is stunning in built but for a while their software(Android version) had been lacking behind in terms of features and ease of use. But Oppo has an ear which is connected through their forums. In fact if you want anything on the Find 5(software) you can head to the Oppo Find 5 forums and make a suggestion. If it gets liked by the community then it can be implemented in their weekly OTAs as they do have weekly OTA’s to fix issues and add features.


Project firefly comes with a whole new UI adding home screen transitions,better themes, full screen widgets and a ton more all in a performance unaffected fluid package. Project firefly is beautiful. I’ll let you appreciate the screenshots. For all those with the device this public beta can be found right here.

Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-22-10 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-21-19 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-21-15 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-19-09 Screenshot_2013-04-30-17-04-17 2drxmw4 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-23-30 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-25-39 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-25-57 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-26-05 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-26-17 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-27-03 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-32-37 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-32-32 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-31-14 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-30-45 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-30-19 Screenshot_2013-04-30-20-30-07attachment.php

A Video with demo of these firmware.