Review: Vine for Android – How Does It Stack Up?


Vine for Android

On June 3, 2013, Vine’s official Twitter account made the post “Introducing Vine for Android” followed by an already familiar looking link to a 6-second clip,  presumed to be made by an Android device, of Andy the Android swinging from, you guessed it, vines.

Samsung’s United States Twitter page also challenged those who owned any device from their Galaxy line to make their first vine and share it via Twitter using the hashtag  “#GalaxyVine”.

Now to the review. I have on hand an iPhone 4 with the latest iOS installed and an HTC DNA with Android 4.1.1 installed. I put both devices through a series of tests using normal functions of the Vine app.


1. Speed loading vines of those I follow

This may have not been the fairest test as the DNA has much more available memory, but I did level the playing field as much as possible by connecting both devices to the same wifi network.

Winner: DNA

2. Overall user friendliness

The iPhone’s menus were difficult to navigate through while the DNA didn’t have many menus, as most everything fit on one screen. This may also be attributed to the massive difference in screen size. Nevertheless, I’d still have to say…

Winner: DNA

3. Speed of “compiling the video”

The DNA definitely trail behind the iPhone in this category. The DNA took about 30 seconds to compile a 6 second video while the iPhone compiled almost immediately.

Winner: iPhone

4. Video quality

The DNA has a much superior camera although the Vine app created videos with the audio and video out of sync. The iPhone camera and microphone worked well all around and this round has to end with…

Winner: iPhone

5. Features

Being released first, the iPhone app will be the stick by which its Android counterpart is measured. The Android app is missing the front camera option that the iPhone just recently received. This, I’m 100% sure will be added to an imminent Android update, but until then…

Winner: iPhone


Th iPhone Vine app has proven its worth and is the top dog in terms of this particular social networking site, but Apple better watch out. The areas in which the iPhone outperformed the DNA can be fixed in just one or two updates.

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