ROM Wallpapers App

When you flash different custom ROM’s on your Android device you get different and gorgeous wallpapers inside. But what if your favourite ROM doesn’t have you favourite wallpaper? Well, at this point you can download ROM Wallpapers app from Play Store! The app does nothing but lets you set any wallpaper from the most popular ROMs in Android world – from AOSP, through CM and PA to AOKP. The ROM Wallpapers app can be used on any device, regardless of model and manufacturer.


Screenshot_2013-06-04-18-08-05[1] Screenshot_2013-06-04-18-09-47[1] Screenshot_2013-06-04-18-09-54[1]


To be honest, I really like the ROM Wallpapers app and it’s always installed on my smartphone and tablet. Although it’s really simple, it does what it is supposed to do.

Download ROM Wallpapers app from Play Store HERE.


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