Theme your Stock Rooted ROM just like CM Theme Chooser



Ever felt jealous of your friend’s CM Theme Chooser in which he could choose a theme from hundreds of amazing themes in the market? Well, it seems like XDA developer Ruqqq was able to listen to the cries of all the stock ROM/Non-CM users such that he was able to come up with an xposed module named XTheme Engine. Now you must be wondering what is an Xposed module, let me throw light upon the genius behind the Xposed Framework –

XDA Developer Rovo89 came up with the Xposed Framework a while ago. The main highlight about this is that it gives you the power to modify your ROM without modifying any APK or any flashing. What this implies is that you dont need to download a 300-400mb sized ROM zip just because it has some cool features which your ROM doesnt have. So, through this framework you can install and use various xposed modules which have their own functions and can add to your ROM’s quality and performance. To know more about the Xposed Framework – Go here


Now coming back, here I will explain about one of the best xposed modules and that is Xtheme Engine. It is similar to Theme Chooser of the famous CyanogenMod. It gives you the power to theme your Stock ROM.  The Themers have been able to create as well as port themes for this engine and the best part is that these themes are based upon the CM Theme Chooser themes. So now you can use the same themes which CM users enjoy. Whats more, you can even create your own theme. All this is done by redirecting the references in the theme Apks.

To know about how to use this module and download themes , Go to this link.


Source – XDA-Developers 

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  1. John Heffley says:

    Can you port it to work on Android Gingerbread or Is there any theme chooser/engine available for android gingerbread??