Top 10 Google Android Apps in 2018

Top 10 Google Android Apps in 2018

While there are countless Apps in the Google Play which can be used on a day to day basis. Many are not aware that your everyday task can become easier using some the official Google Android Apps most unaware of. Even while browsing list of Apps from Google in the Play Store, people get confused due to the enormous Apps listed by the search giant. Some if not many are very useful apps stamped with the Google’s Trust. Checkout some of the Top 10 Google Android Apps in 2018.

Files Go by Google

Files Go is a File Manager App for your Android Device. While there are countless File Managers in the Market, this is the Google’s answer to 3rd party file managers without any Ads, Malware or Bloatware.

Files Go Features

  • View Used and Free Storage
  • Browse files just like any other File Manager
  • Free up Space on your Android Smartphone
  • Search Files
  • Share Files Offline with other Android Devices in an encrypted way
  • It is intelligent enough to learn and recommend
  • Backup your files to the Google Drive and other Cloud service providers
  • It is also light to download, file size is just 6 MB
  • No Bloatware or any Malware

App Link: Files Go by Google

Google Keep

Keep is a Notes App from Google. You can creates Notes, Lists with links, pictures and more. You can even add a collaborator to your notes and work together.

Google Keep Features

  • Create Notes and Lists
  • Set Reminders
  • Write notes using your Voice
  • Ability to search through your notes
  • Color code, Label and group the notes
  • Synced everywhere on your Google Account
  • Supports Ok Google Command for New Notes and Lists
  • Access from the web using

App Link: Google Keep

Google Wallpapers

Change wallpapers at instantly with the ever growing collection of wallpapers from the Google Wallpapers App. Choose wallpaper from multiple categories including those from your downloaded photos.

Google Wallpapers Features

  • Lots of Wallpapers from multiple sources
  • Set Wallpaper for your Lock Screen, Home Screen or even both at the same time
  • Turn on Daily Wallpaper option and it changes your Wallpaper every day

Read more about the Google Wallpapers App

App Link: Google Wallpapers

Datally by Google

Start saving your Expensive Mobile Data with Google Datally. This App will help you view usage and control your Mobile Data. With the help of this App, you can save data which in return reduce your mobile expenses.

Google Datally Features

  • Save your Mobile Data by up to 30%
  • Control the usage of data App by App individually
  • View data usage by real-time
  • View statistical usage data about your Mobile Data usage
  • Find and Rate Wi-Fi networks

App Link: Datally by Google

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Access your Desktop in a secure way with the Google Chrome Remote Desktop App. The only requirement is that you have to initiate the set up process using the Chrome Remote Desktop App from Chrome Web store.

When you open the Chrome Remote Desktop App from your Android Smartphone, it will list your Computers that are online to which you can connect.

App Link: Google Chrome Remote Desktop

PhotoScan by Google Photos

Scan your old printed photos, enhance and save it using PhotoScan by Google Photos.

PhotoScan Features

  • Easily capture photos from your camera without any glare
  • Cropping is automated with detection of the edges
  • Rotate the scanned photos
  • Backup all your scanned photos with the Google Photos App

App Link: PhotoScan by Google Photos

Google Opinion Rewards

Earn Reward points and redeem the credit with Google Play. Google Opinion Rewards has been created by the Google Surveys team. When you install and open the App, you are faced with questions to build your profile. Then you have to wait for Google to send you surveys, the frequency of receive surveys depends on your profile. You will be notified by a push notification when a survey is ready. You can earn up to $1 in Google Play Credit upon finishing the survey.

Some example questions:

  • Which logo is best?
  • Which promotion is most compelling?
  • When do you plan on travelling next?

Read more on How to Get Free Google Play Credit

App Link: Google Opinion Rewards

Android Auto

Android Auto from Google is your drop in replacement for GPS devices aka Driving Companion. It’s interface is simple and comes with lots of features.

Android Auto Features

  • Say “Ok Google” to give commands
  • Change your Routes with voice commands
  • Real time GPS Navigation and Traffic alerts using Google Maps
  • Listen to various media applications like Pandora, Google Play Music, Amazon Music and more
  • You can even text and receive texts from SMS, WhatsApp, Skype and more
  • The minimum requirement is that you should have an Android Device running Android Lollipop (Version 5.0) or higher
  • Supports over 400 Car Models

App Link: Android Auto

Android TV Remote Control

Control your Android TV using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with Android TV Remote Control App by Google.  Multiple layouts like d-pad, touchpad are available for navigation. Use the provided voice icon to activate the voice search in your Android TV. You can also use your Android Device Keyboard to input text to your TV.

App Link: Android TV Remote Control

Trusted Contacts

Trusted Contacts by Google is an App designed to share location with your trusted contacts. Your trusted contacts can identity that you are safe seeing your recent activity

Trusted Contacts Features

  • Add your friends, family to trusted contacts
  • After adding, you can allow your trusted contacts to view your location
  • You have the ability to deny the location request
  • When you do not respond to the location request, the last known location is shared. It even works when your phone is switched off
  • Location alerts can be scheduled for later
  • Integrated with Google Maps where you can share your location with selected contacts and see their location on Google Maps itself

App Link: Trusted Contacts


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