Top 3 reasons why you should switch to Android

Android is certainly without doubt the most popular and world-wide most adopted OS ever! The numbers speak for themselves. 900,000,000 and counting activation’s attained in 2013, 48 billion apps downloaded from the play store alone not counting Amazon store and hundreds of Chinese app stores. Android is the star of this age and you either love it or get jealous. In our case on this website we do love it, we’ll give you three reasons to grab an android device.

1. Connectivity and Customization:

Thinking about it Android is the most customizable mobile operating system on the planet, period ! This is due to the fact that it is open-source meaning anyone literally(even you and I)can take android from its source(Google servers) and modify as we like without  permission from Google. For many entrepreneurs looking to start a business dealing with devices which need an OS , Android is a great place to start because it needs no approval to use it on your device.

Literally anything can be modified from what the OS looks like to how it responds to certain task and all of these sum up to Android’s flexibility. Now refrigerators, smart phones, tablets, cookers, TVs and a wide range of other smart devices use android making it the planets most popular OS .

How does this relate to you the end-user ? Think of it this way!

-You want to send a file to a friend via bluetooth which is old tech but still relevant. Well all Android phones do that and mind you all other high end mobile platforms don’t(Apple & Microsoft).

-You want to change the ring tone of your phone using an mp3 file on you device. You can’t do this on any other high end mobile platform but android. For other platforms even with a PC or a Mac you will still get a hard time trying to do this.

-You want to send songs from your device to your PC, Macintosh or Linux computer. “Gush” you need drivers but if you have an android device you don’t need this. It’s automatically connected even without drivers.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of Android’s power. It goes all the way to more in-depth stuff which other platforms do not have the ability to offer because they aren’t mature enough or can’t offer due to their closed nature.

2. Community and Adoption of Android:

Because Android is so popular and open-source, it has massive developer communities in and around the world. Notably xda-developers and Android Central with many more. This doesn’t end there. These developers find it a hobby to tweak android if they have devices to work on and believe me a site like xda-developers has so many android developers and knowledge flowing in and out. They make custom roms which are complete OS replacements based on the Android version shipped with different devices. This enhances battery life and adds ease of use with some features Google takes and adds to the mainstream Android source for future updates. They make kernels which enhances the device behaviour and performance.

How does this relate to you the end-user?Let’s break it down!

-The device you bought is sluggish, has terrible battery life and some software glitches. With a custom ROM many mistakes or nuisances manufacturers(and they do make mistakes because no software on earth is perfect) installed on their devices can be removed or fixed. These are made by great devs with some even working hand in hand with these companies. A custom ROM or kernel can improve your device’s performance and battery life, add features the OEM didn’t intend to add due to their marketing strategy of making you buy their other device.

-If you have a problem with your software kernels or ROM you can go to these communities and check out those with the same issues to get help. Because devs are on the website some issues can be fixed.

Examples:  The HTC One whose HTC logo can now be used as a home button courtesy of a custom kernel. The One X is now more battery efficient and 30% faster than at launch due to ROM and kernel combinations. The Galaxy S3 on Jellybean is lag free due to a custom kernel. The nexus 7 now supports 720p hd recording with the front facing camera due to a dev’s mod. And, many more can be added to this list.

3. Apps and platform communication:

Android has so many apps. In fact only Apple’s app store has more apps than Android does. The gap between them isn’t noticeable though to anyone as dev’s produce apps first for these two platforms before any other. These platforms too have their exclusive offerings but multi-platform apps are better than any other. Long are gone the days that android had ugly apps or non-optimized apps. Today android has very beautifully designed apps spearheaded by Google’s ”holo” design. Even tablets have their apps optimized and Google created a developer kit which helps developer view their apps on different screen sizes thus will improve the creation of well optimized apps for a device and screen size.

”I’m an end-user who cares about the above?”

-Well apps mean everything to a platform and without apps you can’t use a device. With Android you get a huge selection of these. Basically any app is available to help you become more productive and even for media consumption. On Android they only become better with Google bringing in cross-platform and multiplayer gaming and many more you can find in this keynote which is long but worth it.

There maybe many other reasons why others adopt Android and probably millions. Readers numbers don’t lie if more than 50% of the world is using something and the activation numbers together with the rates of buying is increasing at an explosive rate then it has to be something great. Unless you are a God or really want something different to think everyone else is crazy, Android is simply great in every terms and has a great potential to improve further.

On a final note readers think of it this way; if there is someone open to criticism and able to change and become better every single time and another closed and almost there but really can’t get any help from the exterior as it should, who do you think is closer to perfection? Sure open-source has it’s downside but everything in life does and open-source just means more knowledge in any time.

Different flavours of Android from Oppo, Samsung and HTC

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