Viper4Android for your Rooted Android Device

What is Viper for Android (v4)?

V4A already made great improvements in Bass, with dynamic bass system; Surround, with field surround and VHS+; Auditory Healing, with Cure Tech+ and, Simulation, with Convolver. The parts left are vocal/clarity/treble and EQ.

Version: FX version / XHiFi version

Download Links

FX version v2.2.1.0: Dev-Host (In-App Installation 2.3/4.0/4.1/4.2)
XHiFi version v2.1.0.2: Dev-Host, MediaFire (In-App Installation 2.3/4.0/4.1/4.2)

For future support and updates

V4Arena Facebook Chat Room(Please join!):
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Now lets Get started with the installation process.

Step 1: Download from the provided Dev-Host or Media Fire links, Now you should have files in your download folder as ViPER4Android_FX_2210_en & ViPER4Android_XHiFi_2102_en.

Step 2: You must have Winrar or Winzip to Extract these 2 files.

Step 3: Once Extracted you will now have totally 4 zipped files.

Now here is where the confusion starts on which file needs to be extracted and installed, so lets have these 4 zipped files in a separate folder:

ViPER4Android_FX_2210_Android2.3_en This file indicates it is for Android 2.3 Versions

ViPER4Android_FX_2210_Android4.x_en  This File indicates it is for Android 4.x Version

ViPER4Android_XHIFI_2102_Android2.3_en This file indicates it is for Android 2.3 Versions

ViPER4Android_XHiFi_2102_Android4.x_en This File indicates it is for Android 4.x Version

Here i am trying to install this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, so I will be deleting 2 zipped files which are for 2.3 Versions.

Now i have only 2 zipped files and which are ViPER4Android_FX_2210_Android4.x_en & ViPER4Android_XHiFi_2102_Android4.x_en

Now lets extract them using any extraction tool like winrar or winzip, Once extracted now you will see these files as listed in below screenshot,

Viper 1

Now here we have two files, ViPER4Android_FX.apk and ViPER4Android_XHiFi.apk,  remaining are the the Guides and Detailed information about the applications.

Now lets focus on these to apk and move them on to Sd Card or Phone Memory, Please make sure before you install this application we have installed busy box from Google play store install it launch it again you need to do a normal install as shown in the below screenshot.

2013-07-13-11-40-36 2013-07-13-11-40-522013-07-13-11-41-24


Now lets go ahead and install these to ViPER4Android_FX.apk and ViPER4Android_XHiFi.apk files on your device once installation completes now launch the app Viper4AndroifdFX and once you launch it will ask for it may ask for SuperSu access grant access.

Once Access granted now it will take you to this screen as shown in the below screenshot Please click YES


This is stage where you need to be careful, it will ask you to select you processor to install the driver if you are not aware which driver your device has you could check on Wikipedia or any other specification site, Here i am going to take help from Wikipedia as i believe that is very accurate as shown in the below snapshot,


Here as shown in the snapshot its highlighted in Blue 1.6 GHz quad-core Cortex-A9, So this confirms my processor, So i go ahead and select CortexA9/15 With Neon


Now once you click on this option it will take you to the below screen,


Please click on OK and don’t reboot the device, Lets go back to App drawer and launch Viper4Android XHIFI and Please Grant Superuser Access,


Now it will prompt with this for driver installation click on Yes


Here again it will ask you to select the processor for driver installation, we need to select it as Cortex AX with Neon as shown in the below snapshot,


and then click on OK


So here this completes the installation process.

Now finally we reboot the device. After reboot, a new folder is created automatically and that is Viper4Android in your Phone memory

Now we will go ahead and download this IRS.

What is IRS?

You could refer to this  here: IRS

Now download IRS here,

Sony Xperia New Sound Enhancement IR Samples

Rev2: (Non-Single core) – Dev-Host
Rev2: (Single core) – Dev-Host

Now again we have two download samples Depending on your device if your processor has less than 1 Core download single core, If its more than 1 download Non-Single Core, and extract them using extraction application. As I am doing it for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so i will select Non-Single Core as my processor is a Quad Core processor,


Now move all these files to Storage/VIPER4ANDROID/Kernel

Once moving these files in Kernel folder, Launch the VIPER4ANDROID and set it up as per your requirements and enjoy the music.

Below is a sample on how its done,

My Current Profile (For Earphone, headphone – not recommended) – Pure Bass+



If you have any queries please comment below, i will reply back asap.

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  1. yumi says:

    Hi,;) i had a problem,my phone said ‘musicfx has stop’ because i had installed beats audio installer(also no sound produce after that)..but i has uninstall it and make my phone have sound again but the equalizer not fixed..i tried to copy deleted file to system/etc & system/lib but still not working ,but later it show ‘effects not available’instead of ‘musicfx stop working’.i guess the file not compatible?.so,if i download this..can my equalizer fixed? thanks a lot~~ 😀 *rooted android 4.2,stock rom,