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I believe many of us started as newbies where you don’t know a thing about Android, where the terms “APK” or “Root” may sound totally alien and strange. Well, usually most of us will get over it very fast with a little Googling and reading. But there are still some lost souls out there who are completely lost and need help to get on the right track. Well, nothing to fear as two guides which are useful to newbies and even old-timers will be introduced here!

Android Terms, Slang, Definition

This particular guide is written by XDA Recognized Contributor Diablo67. It features a very complete list of the common and essential terms used in Android. Take a look at it and you might even find out a new term that you have never heard before!

Link: XDA-Developers

Guide Ride –  From a Newbie to a Dev, Find all you need here

This is a very complete compilation of numerous guides found in XDA-Developers. It is written by XDA-Recognized Contributor adityalahiri13. The guides are sorted according to stages, starting from a newbie until compiling AOSP ROMs. It covers quite the whole picture of Android, and should give you a rough idea on Android development. Still, for more knowledge, Google is always your friend.

Link: XDA-Developers

That’s all folks, if you spot any useful articles about Android (in general or development, it doesn’t matter) and if you feel that it should be shown to the world, feel free to share it as comments below.


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