Waze Android Auto

Waze Android Auto App was launched sometime back. If you have been using Google Maps all the time, now you can try Waze which is an alternative to Google Maps as a Navigation App. Waze makes use of GPS to offer various services such as Map Navigation, Traffic Alerts and more in real time.

You can easily report Heavy Traffic, Presence of Police or any accidents from the app itself. Make sure you configure the settings from your mobile phone before using it on your car to get the best experience. More features have being scheduled later.

Features of Waze Android Auto:

  • Use Waze from your Car’s Display
  • Live Alerts about Hazards, Police, Traffic and more
  • Routing changes automatically to save your precious time and reach your destination faster by avoiding traffic
  • Your destination time is real time based on the live traffic feed
  • Find the nearest and cheapest Gas Station on your route
  • Easily find a Parking Spot
  • Multiple voice guidance options

App Link: Waze for Android Auto


Under Construction! :D