Why you should always keep your Android Phone Software Up-to-Date

Every Android Phone’s software needs an update from time to time. Android Updates might be pushed from the Device Manufacturer or from your Service Provider to your device for the following reasons:

  • Security Update
  • Revamped User Interface (UI) Update
  • Android Platform Update
  • Bug Fixes
  • Baseband Update
  • Android Security Patch Level Update
  • and more..

Since these updates might come with new features but also with annoying bugs, it is always advised to check the official forum or discussion forums for feedback of the released update. Every update usually comes with a description of the addressed issues, new features etc. Hence skipping the description is not recommended to avoid any warning being present in the description.

Size of the Update

All updates need not be large, security or minor bug fixes that will improve device performance will come in smaller size. Hence, the size of the update will vary but usually it will only be larger when updating the Android Platform itself, like upgrading from Nougat to Oreo.

Ways to Update

Usually you will receive a Push Notification regarding Update, where you just need to follow the Notification which will then download the update. The update procedure is totally automatic without any user intervention except giving a initial permission to update the phone. It will update and restart several times to complete the update. It is advised to charge your phone to a maximum level so that the update would not be disturbed till completion. The progress bar might see like being paused or stopped, but never disturb or interrupt it as it might even brick your device. Be patient, and wait for the update to get completed.

How to find your Phone’s Current Software, Security Patch Level Information

  • Open Settings App
  • Scroll down and Open About Section

Here, you can find all the required information regarding Android Version, Android Security Patch Level. Android Security Patch Level.


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